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Robber duo go viral after livestream leads to their arrest

Published: 28/Oct/2019 5:25 Updated: 28/Oct/2019 5:54

by Brad Norton


Having just committed a robbery, two criminals thought it would be a great idea to livestream their getaway. It was not.

Broadcasting throughout awkward moments is nothing new in the digital age, from uncomfortable experiences at love hotels, to streaming all-out brawls in the street it seems as though nothing is off-limits.

Pushing the boundaries that little bit further, two literal partners in crime had the brilliant idea of going live while making their escape after a successful robbery. Suffice to say, their attempt to flee was short-lived.

In an October 27 livestream, two Brazilian thieves broadcasted from inside of their getaway vehicle after having committed a robbery in broad daylight. 


Singing along to music on the radio, not masking their faces whatsoever, the carefree criminals were quickly apprehended by local authorities.

These guys were celebrating on a livestream after the robbery when the police suddenly shows up. from r/instantkarma

From happy-go-lucky to absolutely mortified in just a few split seconds, the looks on their faces told the story as the duo immediately realized there was no getting out of it.

Instructed to keep their hands above their heads, all while a camera at the front of the vehicle captured it all, the two were quickly handcuffed and the stolen goods were recovered.

An amusing incident to say the least, they were the latest failed criminals to become internet famous after their foolish broadcast made them viral sensations.


Commenting on an October 27 Reddit post, ‘Penguin722’ joked that the local authorities ‘stream-sniped them in real life.”

While the incident was amusing from a viewer’s perspective, the crime itself was no joking matter. Never hesitate to report an incident to your local law enforcement.