RiceGum hits back at claims of ‘clout chasing’ after releasing apology video

Virginia Glaze

Popular YouTuber Bryan ‘RiceGum’ Le is fighting back against accusations of clout-chasing, after using both PewDiePie’s and Ethan Klein’s images in the thumbnail of an apology video.

Klein, of YouTube comedy duo H3H3, took issue with RiceGum’s apology video, claiming that he was throwing other YouTubers under the bus and avoiding responsibility for promoting gambling to his young fans due to partnering with alleged scam website ‘MysteryBrand.net.’

RiceGum hit back at the YouTuber in kind, poking fun at his age and noting his own involvement in the Better Help scandal from late 2018.

RiceGum is continuing to take shots at Klein, further addressing the issue in a vlog published on January 11. Le hit back at claims of ‘clout-chasing’ due to using both Klein’s and PewDiePie’s images in the thumbnail of his apology video, as well as using PewDiePie’s name in the title (which was later removed).

“It makes no sense, because I was responding,” RiceGum argued. “They were talking about me first. [Klein] made two videos using my name, and it got so many views. I use his name and I get no views.”

RiceGum went on to insult both Klein and his wife Hila, who he also took aim at in a previous video responding to the backlash.

“This guy is so old and no one cares about him,” he continued. “I’m done talking about him and his boring-ass wife.”

RiceGum has likewise been accused of giving out expired Amazon gift codes as an apology to fans for partnering with the shady website – although the YouTuber has vehemently denied these claims.

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