RiceGum slams H3H3 after criticising his involvement in alleged gambling scam

RiceGum, H3H3 - YouTube

Popular YouTuber Bryan ‘RiceGum’ Le is lashing out at H3H3’s Ethan Klein, after Klein took issue with his video explaining his partnership with alleged scam website ‘MysteryBrand.net.’

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Klein joked that RiceGum was a snitch, after the YouTuber cited a slew of other creators on the platform who had partnered with the brand, noting that they were not undergoing the same scrutiny as himself or Jake Paul for being involved in the scandal.

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RiceGum took issue with Klein’s joke, clarifying that he didn’t intend to throw other YouTubers under the bus, but was rather trying to make a point concerning the outrage around the debacle.

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“I wasn’t trying to throw those guys under the bus,” RiceGum explained. “I was trying to say that those guys were big YouTubers that did the same thing way before me. Why is it a problem now?”

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RiceGum went on to insult Klein, poking fun at his age and joking that he was being bullied by him. He then went on to dig up dirt from the YouTuber, comparing his own scandal with that of Klein’s partnership with online counseling service Better Help, which was largely decried across the internet after users took issue with the site’s shady terms of service.

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“He thinks people are too quick to hop on things when it’s about him, but when it’s about me, he be the first one there!” RiceGum argued.

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RiceGum went on to find it ironic that Klein listed other YouTubers who had also partnered with Better Help, joking that he was snitching on the likes of Shane Dawson and Philip DeFranco.

Klein has yet to respond to RiceGum’s callout on his social media accounts.

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