Is RiceGum joining Kick? Fans beg YouTuber to join platform as he teases major switch

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Fans are begging YouTube star RiceGum to join Kick after the influencer teased that he’s making a major switch on July 5.

Bryan ‘RiceGum’ Le is an OG YouTuber who first created his channel back in 2012. Since then, he’s accrued over 10 million subscribers on the platform, and has even started a successful Twitch channel, where he boasts over 1.2 million followers.

Although RiceGum is best known for his glory days in the late 2010’s (who could forget ‘It’s Every Night Sis?’), he’s continued to be a major force in the content creation space in the years since then.

However, it looks like the YouTuber is about to make a major change in his career after dropping a big teaser on social media — and fans are hopeful he’ll choose to their liking.

Instagram: Ricegum
RiceGum is switching to a new platform – and fans hope it’s Kick.

RiceGum teases deal with major streaming platform

On July 4, RiceGum dropped an image on Twitter showing himself looking at a series of snapback hats, each emblazoned with the logo of a major streaming platform.

The platforms, in order, are Twitch, Rumble, Kick, and YouTube — leading fans to believe that he might be securing an exclusive streaming contract with one of these websites.


That’s not all; RiceGum’s tweet says he’ll be announcing his choice on July 5, leaving fans very little time to speculate which one he might have chosen.

That’s not stopping fans from begging him to join their personal favorite platform, which, judging by the comments, seems to be Kick.


RiceGum already has a profile on Kick, which boasts 172 followers at the time of writing. However, it’s not verified, nor does it have a subscriber button — something that has preceded other major signings with the platform in the past.

That’s not all; RiceGum’s Kick profile also boasts a mysterious message that reads, “Signing A 50 Million Dollar Deal Soon.”

RiceGum’s Kick profile boasts an interesting message.

However, it’s just as likely that RiceGum joins Rumble. He also has a profile on that platform, which recently claimed that it signed one of the “GOATS of streaming.”


For now, RiceGum’s decision remains unclear as more and more platforms seek out major streamers to join their ranks in their ongoing competition with Twitch.

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