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H3H3 responds after claims he tried to “delete” Leafy’s YouTube channel

Published: 5/Jun/2020 19:01

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube star and H3H3 comedy duo member Ethan Klein has responded to allegations from longtime YouTuber Leafy of making attempts to delete his channel on the site.

Following Klein’s viral feud with fellow YouTuber KEEMSTAR, the H3H3 member is now facing allegations from Leafy, who accused him of making attempts to suppress and even delete his channel from the platform.

In a series of tweets on June 4, Leafy alleged that his channel had been copystriked twice, with one of the strikes coming from Klein due to purported “harassment” against a video he’d made that was critical of the H3H3 duo.


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“I believe H3H3 is trying to get my channel deleted,” Leafy wrote. “Had to private all my videos, just got two channel strikes today for ‘harassment’ on my new videos. Another strike and my channel gets deleted.”

Klein was quick to dispute Leafy’s claims, retweeting his original post with the caption, “And nothing of value was lost.”

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He went on to elaborate his point, explaining that he’d never reported Leafy’s videos as the YouTuber so claimed.

“I had nothing to do with it,” he refuted. “I never reported his videos and its very bizarre that he thinks I wield some godlike power to remove his videos. But no. Not me, sorry.”


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Klein then exposed alleged messages from a friend of Leafy, who asked the YouTuber for help in saving Leafy’s channel, stating it was “one strike away from termination.”

“Meanwhile, his friends are begging me to help poor Leafy,” Klein wrote of the exchange. “Bash me publicly and beg me privately.”

Leafy seemed to react to Klein’s statements with a photo of the star and his wife posing with YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, captioned, “Here’s the deal, I want Leafy dead, clean shot.”

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Thus far, nothing else has come from their spat — just the latest in a series of dramatic developments involving both content creators, with Klein having come under fire for appearing to target KEEMSTAR’s sponsor over their feud in May.


For now, all fans can do is watch and wait as the fate of Leafy’s channel is determined.