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Reality check personality quiz: How to take TikTok’s latest viral quiz

Published: 16/Mar/2021 11:59

by Alice Hearing


Yet another personality quiz is going viral on TikTok, and this time it aims to give you a brutal reality check about what you’re really like as a person. 

TikTok is the place to go for recommendations, whether that be products you should buy, music to listen to, fun websites, and every kind of personality quiz under the sun.

TikTokers love to share their results of some eye-opening quiz results by lipsyncing to a popular sound by user @brainrotbrooke saying “let’s see what I got guys, period!”

The latest to go viral is the Reality check personality quiz, also known as ‘Let Me f****** Destroy You By Giving You A Reality Check’ which was created by a user on the website UQuiz, and it comes with the warning “take at your own risk.”


@joshuaeflynnmy feeling might be a liiiil hurt #foryou #fyp #greenscreen♬ original sound – brooke

How to take the quiz

To get your result, click on the link for the Reality Check quiz and enter your name.

You then need to answer 11 questions that ask about your favorite group of zodiac signs, characters you’d pick from popular television shows, Hogwarts houses, and songs you’d jam to among others.

You’ll be given an option at the end to submit “any last words” before you finally get a paragraph savagely roasting your personality.

@juicyputhay445bro- #greenscreen #fyp #foryou #comedy #quiz #realitycheck #YesDayChallenge #oops♬ original sound – brooke

Some of the possible savage results you can get include: “you’re an a**hole who prides themself for it and it’s not okay,” “Your head is way too far up your a**,” “You’re not the victim. and stop being so f**king insecure all the f**king time,” “you’re a suck-up that lets everyone use them so people like you,” and “You’re a whiny little b**ch and you need to shut the f**k up.”


From there you can share your results, and if you’re still craving another quiz, TikTok also recommends the color quiz which applies your personality to a range of different shades such as dandelion, Alice blue, or even sprout.