Everything you need to know about the TikTok color personality test

Alice Hearing
TikTok color personality test quiz

TikTokers are always sharing the best websites, gadgets, and neat little tools you can find online, and right now, everyone is obsessing over the color personality test.

Have you ever wondered what you’d be if you were a really specific color? The website ktestone.com allows you to find out from a range of different shades such as dandelion, Alice blue, or even sprout.

TikTokers are absolutely loving it, sharing their results via the green screen filter in their short videos, and sharing their friend’s colors matched with their pictures. Several users have claimed the test is scarily accurate.

TikTok color personality test quiz
The test corresponds with the popular Myers-Briggs personality test.

How to take the TikTok color test

First, go to ktestone.com and click on the icon with your language. You will then be asked 12 different questions on topics such as how you spend your weekends and how you behave in front of your friends.

You’ll then be presented with a few paragraphs telling you all about the positive aspects of your personality, the slightly more negative aspects, and the kind of people you get on with. At the bottom, it will also tell you which color personality types you’d get on with and which ones you should keep your distance from.

One reason why many are finding the results so accurate is because the test is linked to the well-known Myers-Briggs personality indicator, also known as 16 personalities. You can find the Myers-Brigg personality type corresponding to your color by checking the URL of your results page.

For example, the color Alice Blue corresponds with INFJ, serulian corresponds with INTP, and sweet pink corresponds to ESFP.

Once you’ve found out your color, you might want to post it to TikTok and try to find your color tribe like tens of thousands of others have done and join in this viral trend.