‘Real life Wonder Woman’ fights off twenty people at once in viral brawl

Michael Gwilliam
woman fights off twenty people

A woman is being dubbed a “real life Wonder Woman” after she successfully fought off a whopping 20 people after being jumped in a viral brawl.

Being jumped is never easy. When the odds are stacked against you, overcoming them can be a massive challenge, but one woman managed to show she was more than capable of handling herself.

We’ve seen quite a few unfair fights over the years with eight-vs-one gas station brawls and a melee where a man defended himself against fifteen foes, but twenty is another story entirely.

In a video uploaded by Combat Haven, a girl was filmed being jumped by an army of attackers and absolutely destroyed her opponents one-by-one.

Woman gets jumped by 20 people and wins viral fight

Right away, the woman in the pink hoodie began by backing up while still firing off some shots as her attackers rushed in.

Just like a heroic Spartan in 300, the defender vanquished one foe after the other, dropping her adversaries with fiery attacks.


After pulling one in close, our hero slammed an opponent with a massive right that completely sent them to the ground, utterly defeated and KO’d.

She followed this up by grabbing another, using her victim as a human shield while pummeling away before side-stepping in-between cars, making it hard for her attackers to advance.

Eventually, she was able to get away, completely unharmed and victorious, much to the amazement of viewers who compared her to the DC superhero Wonder Woman.

Since being uploaded on June 12, the clip has gone viral, amassing over 400,000 views and amazing audiences across social media. Dana White, get this girl a UFC contract!

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