Wonder Woman finally takes her rightful place as DC’s strongest fighter

Wonder Woman #1 cover artDC Comics

Wonder Woman’s latest ongoing series pits Diana against her most dangerous foes yet, but it also wastes no time establishing her as one of DC’s strongest fighters.

Wonder Woman #1 has finally made its way to shelves, bringing with it a new era for the iconic DC heroine. The new series kicks off with an Amazonian committing mass murder and the American government responding in kind. 

Thrown in the middle of this is Wonder Woman. The most public face of the Amazonian people finds herself thrust into conflict as Amazons are forcefully kicked out of the US or killed for failing to comply. 

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The debut issue very clearly pits Wonder Woman against the world, forcing her to go to war. Though Diana relinquishes her sword to the Amazons in order to avoid the temptation of spilling blood, it doesn’t make her any less dangerous. 

Wonder Woman #1 makes Diana a stronger fighter than Batman or Superman

Government operative Sarge Steel is leading the charge against the Amazons, and it’s a terrifying sight. Amazons are removed from the states or shot in the streets, with one in particular being executed in front of her child. 

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Diana refuses to fall in line, though. After weeks of bloodshed, she’s finally caught up to in the snowy north and quickly puts the soldiers who are chasing her in their place. 

It’s a gorgeous sequence as Diana gracefully takes down an army of soldiers. They’re all hailed as experienced, but the dialogue makes it clear: they never stood a chance. 

Wonder Woman takes down soldiersDC Comics
Wonder Woman’s latest series establishes her place in DC’s hierarchy.

The internal monologue of the scene presents Diana as a big deal in the DC Universe. In fact, it directly compares her to the entire Justice League, acknowledging that the soldiers may have been able to stop Superman or Batman but never stood a chance against Wonder Woman. 

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It’s a pretty significant moment that clearly establishes Wonder Woman as one of the strongest fighters in DC Comics. Where Diana fits is always somewhat in flux, thanks to the ever-shifting nature of her powers. Most often, she’s hailed as one of the greatest natural fighters, but often just below other powerhouses. This issue clearly puts her at the top, though, at least so far as soldiers are concerned. 

It’s far from over for Wonder Woman, though. The issue ends with the reveal that this is all the work of the Sovereign, a secret King who appears to be ruling America from the shadows. What’s worse is the character’s design – which includes some dark version of Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth. 

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Wonder Woman #1 is on sale now from DC Comics. For more Wonder Woman and comic book news, be sure to follow all our coverage

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