Woman KOs date with bowling ball and bowls a strike in disturbing viral video

woman KOs her date with a bowling ballTwitter/ipoppingvideos

A woman is going viral after she used a bowling ball to strike a man in the head in a disturbing bowling alley incident.

The year isn’t even a month old and we’ve already seen plenty of viral fights to kick off 2023 such as the infamous Waffle House brawl between customers and employees.

Now, a bowling alley beatdown is making waves online after an argument between a couple ended with the man on the floor bleeding like a stuffed pig.

In the clip, which has been viewed over 14 million times, a man and a woman can be seen getting into each other’s faces over some sort of dispute when the female escalated things by getting physical.

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Woman KOs man with bowling ball in viral video

After pushing his neck, the man grabbed the woman’s hand, prompting her to smack him over the head with a bowling ball, knocking him out viciously.

“Oh sh*t! Goddamn!” someone recording yelled. “That guy’s bleeding!”

(Warning: graphic footage)

As the man continued to lie on the ground, the woman was encouraged to bowl and used the ball she just used a weapon to knock down every single pin with a strike.

Shortly thereafter, the woman walked off and the man slowly began to come to despite bleeding profusely from his face.

Footage of the incident was uploaded to Twitter by ‘ipoppingvideos’ and explained in the caption that the two were on a date when things got heated.

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It’s not clear when the attack took place or if the woman has been charged for her actions. However, some reports have suggested the woman is from Brooklyn and the incident happened at a bowling alley in Long Island.