“Terminator” security guard destroys four people at once in viral brawl

security guard fights four people at onceTwitter/FightHaven

A security guard is being dubbed a human Terminator after taking on four men at the same time in a ridiculous fight video.

Arnold Scwazernagger, watch out! A security guard who seems to be a Cybernetic Organism is going viral on Twitter after absolutely obliterating a group of men in a melee that looks like it was out of T2.

We’ve seen many fight videos take the internet by storm in recent months, especially when one guy stands his own against multiple attackers, but this may be the most decisive win of all.

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The clip, which has been viewed over 3 million times after being posted to Twitter by FightHaven, has a mall security guard show that he’s no Paul Blart when a group began to hit him from behind.

Mall cop “Terminator” fights four men at the same time

The video begins, as these clips normally do, in the middle of the action with the security guard holding one man down, but as he does show, he takes multiple punches from behind.

After a single punch onto the man on the ground seemed to take him out of the altercation, the guard turned his attention to another.

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In a rare sight, the security guard actually performed a headbutt which was enough to eliminate yet another foe before damaging another with a hard body shot.

If that wasn’t enough, one of the attackers then hit the guard with a foreign object, but it barely even made him flinch. Sensing that they were outmatched, the others fled while the guard held onto another, delivering a second headbutt for good measure before the video ends.

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While the video has recently gone viral, the bout actually took place back in 2022 at a mall in London after an alleged shoplifting incident at JD Sports.

There’s no word on if this man actually is made of living tissue over metal endoskeleton, but if they ever reboot the Terminator series again, Hollywood may want to consider giving this guy a call.

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