Rapper Blueface pulls out of Salt Papi fight after being stabbed in gym

Molly Byrne
Blueface was recently stabbed in the gym and had to call of his upcoming match against Salt Papi.Instagram: bluefasebabyy

Rapper Blueface had to forfeit his October 14th boxing match against Salt Papi after being attacked in the gym.

Blueface stepped into the rap game around 2017 and started to gain more fans after his 2019 freshman class cipher for XXL Magazine.

He’s well known for his single ‘Thotiana’ and has formed a likable profile via social media where he shares videos of himself and his family.

Though he’s a prominent rapper, Blueface has recently trained to become a boxer. 

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However, during a training session at the gym, Blueface was attacked by a knife, forcing him to call off his upcoming fight against TikToker Salt Papi.

Blueface was recently stabbed in the gym and had to call of his upcoming match against Salt Papi.Instagram: bluefasebabyy
Blueface was recently stabbed in the gym and had to call off his upcoming match against Salt Papi.

Man who attacked Blueface threatened to “kill” him

Blueface made his amateur boxing debut in 2021 when he defeated TikTok star Kane Trujillo in a bare-knuckle bout. Blueface unanimously won in just three rounds and continued to pursue boxing ahead of his rap career.

After his first win, he was supposed to fight the FaZe Clan CEO FaZe Temperrr, as well as former NBA player Swaggy P, but had to be removed from both matches.

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Blueface’s next scheduled match was supposed to be on October 14th against TikToker Salt Papi. However, due to suffering a recent knife attack, Blueface has had to call off his fight.

In a video posted to his Instagram on Wednesday, Blueface was approached by a man and his Rottweiler while boxing at the gym with his trainer David Kaminsky. 

The video cut out before the man attacked Blueface with a knife. However, Blueface did appear to get in a few punches before the unknown man started to bark at the rapper-turned-boxer. 

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Though Kaminsky tried to separate Blueface from the man, he was eventually able to lunge at Blueface with a knife, striking his leg multiple times.

Kaminsky told TMZ the altercation was heated, as the man also uttered to Blueface, “I’m gonna kill you.”

The attacker ended up fleeing the scene in a black Tesla Model S. It is currently unknown if the man who stabbed Blueface has been identified since the altercation. Blueface did, however, post to his Instagram story on Wednesday a statement regarding his match against Salt Papi, saying, “I won’t be able to fight October 14th. I was stabbed today by some random guy — won’t heal up in time.”

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