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Rapper Blueface hits back at “clown” Jake Paul over comments on his boxing debut

Published: 27/Jul/2021 19:15 Updated: 27/Jul/2021 19:18

by Virginia Glaze


YouTubers aren’t the only celebrities getting into the boxing ring these days. Rapper Blueface notably won his debut boxing match, but influencer Jake Paul didn’t seem impressed by his victory.

Although the current influencer boxing trend was kickstarted by KSI and Joe Weller, it was KSI’s rivalry with Logan Paul that brought the trend into the limelight. Just a few years later, a slew of influencers are taking to the ring… and so are rappers.

Rapper Johnathan Jamall Michael Porter — otherwise known as Blueface — notably took on TikToker Kane Trujillo in a bare-knuckle boxing match on July 23 and won by unanimous decision, but that was far from the highlight of the evening.


A fan also got some hands from Blueface after walking into the ring, who was later charged with “trespassing on an occupied structure.”

Jake Paul’s comments on rappers boxing

In wake of the chaos, YouTube star-turned-pro boxer Jake Paul had some words to say about Blueface’s boxing victory — and it doesn’t look like he was all that enthused.

According to sources, Paul reportedly stated that names like Blueface and rapper 6ix9ine aren’t that much of a draw in any respect, boxing or otherwise, because “all they do is go to the studio and do drugs.”

Paul’s comments quickly got around to Blueface, who responded in a pointed video.


YouTube: Jake Paul
Jake Paul transitioned from his status as a full-time YouTuber to a professional boxer after defeating AnEsonGib in 2019. He now has a pro record of 3-0.

Blueface hits back

“It’s funny that he says that, being somebody that came from the Entertainment side to the boxing world,” the rapper said. “It’s real shallow of him to not view it that way. That’s like somebody coming into the music industry, rapping funny to everybody else, and then I’m bashing him, too, even though that’s how I came up.

“He’s a total clown for that,” Blueface added. “If anything, he should have said, ‘Hey, that’s how I started, so I would watch somebody that’s… you know? Same difference.

“He looks like an idiot. I think he’s full of himself right now. I think he thinks he started his life out boxing. Like he’s really believing that. He’s got about, what, two, three fights? Come on, bro.”



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Thus far, Paul has yet to respond to Blueface’s comments… but that’s probably because the YouTuber is too busy negotiating a potential match with injured MMA legend Conor McGregor.