Ninja reveals how many Twitch subs he had at the height of his popularity

Ninja, Twitch / Twitch

Popular Twitch streamer and Fortnite player Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins is one of the most successful personalities on the platform – and his subscriber record is nothing to sniff at.

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Ninja finally revealed his biggest subscriber count at the height of his Twitch success, as stated during his joint broadcast with French streamer Gotaga on March 7.

The streamers were discussing the benefits of Twitch prime when Gotaga asked Ninja what his subscriber record was – to which Ninja had an impressive answer.

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“269,000,” Ninja replied, much to Gotaga’s apparent surprise. 

“That’s a [million] – that’s a cold mil,” he continued, in reference to the revenue he’d made from said subscribers.

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However, Ninja isn’t confident that he will ever reach such a number again, due to the stigma around gamers getting rich off of their success in the space.

Red Bull EsportsNinja admitted to peaking at 269,000 Twitch subscribers during the height of his fame – but he isn’t sure that he’ll reach those numbers again.
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“Never again, though – I’ll never hit that again,” he said of his subscriber record. “When a gamer makes revenue or money, it’s like, ‘Oh, they make too much.’”

“Because, to them, they think what we’re doing is too easy to earn that much money,” former CoD pro-turned-streamer ‘Broky Brawks’ chimed in. “All the sacrifices we’re making. We have families, we have girlfriends.”

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The Ellen Show, YouTubeNinja’s Twitch success has seen him land on the Ellen Show, the Late Night Show, and even appear in a Super Bowl commercial.
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Although he was already well-known in the gaming sphere, Ninja rose to fame after his joint stream with Canadian rapper Drake in March of 2018, going on to secure a massive New Year’s Eve event in Times Square to ring in 2019.

Ninja continues to reign as one of Fortnite’s biggest players, and even appeared on a commercial for the 2019 Super Bowl thanks to his popularity.