Viral TikTok of teens walking into a random house sparks debate

TikTok teens walk into strangers homeTikTok: secretmizzy

A group of teens in London have sparked controversy as they film themselves walking into a random house in the middle of the day. The video has sparked debates across several different platforms. Here’s everything you need to know about the debate.

TikTok trends can be about anything under the sun. From dancing to popular songs to cooking a new viral recipe, the possibilities are endless. But when does a video go too far?

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That’s the debate that’s currently going on on social media after a TikToker named secretmizzy posted a video of him and his friends walking into a stranger’s home in London.

Being used to making videos about running from security guards and doing practical jokes on strangers, the group is no stranger to doing things for views. But have their last prank gone too far?

Why did they walk into a random house?

Having previously done other controversial things to gain likes and followers, walking into a stranger’s home seemed to be the next plan in gaining a bigger following.

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The video started with the three boys saying they were planning on walking into a random house. The next clip saw the group open the gate to a home, walking past a woman doing garden work, and up the stairs to the front door. The woman soon followed them and called out “James” as they all got inside.

A man, James, is heard replying from the kitchen downstairs and soon runs up the stairs when he sees the unknown boys in his home.

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He quickly asks them to leave. But Mizzy decides to instead walk into the living room and make himself comfortable on the couch before finally walking out of the house.

Despite the video seeming real, fans are wondering how true it actually is as Mizzy captioned the post: “JAMESSS #mizzy #fakesituation #blowthisup.”

What are people saying?

Since the video was posted on May 16, it’s been viewed over 1.7 million times on TikTok. It has also been shared across other platforms, such as Twitter, as people have a lot to say about the viral video.

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One person wrote on Twitter: “To be fair I would’ve known they’re just messing around for social media. But I still would’ve wiped the floor with them.”

Another person said: “So people are filming themselves doing crimes. Pretty sure breaking and entering even if the door is open is a big ol’ offence.”

A third added: “Best keep your doors locked, at all times!”

“This isn’t funny or entertaining :/,” a fourth person wrote.

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