Popular Fortnite streamers CouRage and Dakotaz get viciously roasted by Wendy’s on Twitter

Aside from being one of the most popular fast food chains in North America, Wendy’s is also well known for its relentless savagery on social media.

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With January 4 being National Roast Day, things would not be complete without Wendy’s going on a nice long session of roasting on Twitter, which included popular Fortnite content creators CouRage and Dakotaz.

Well aware of what Wendy’s is fully capable of, both streamers tweeted at the fast food chain asking to be hit with a roast, but even they were shocked at how bad they were burned.

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CouRage was first, with Wendy’s hitting him with “You’re the only dude that flossed when Ninja asked you to,” referencing the infamous moment during Ninja’s New Year’s Eve celebration stream when the popular streamer stood out in the rain and tried to get a million people to do the Floss Fortnite dance.

The result was a cringy few minutes as no one did the dance or even moved much in response, except apparently for CouRage, who was at the celebration streaming with Ninja. 

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Funnily enough, Wendys’ roast towards Dakotaz also had to do with Ninja, for when the streamer asked Wendy’s to “hit him” with a roast, the account replied with “Looks like your Ninja interview beat us to it.”

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While it appears that CouRage and Dakotaz were the only two Fortnite-related personalities that were hit with roasts, Wendy’s did not discriminate when it came to superstars from other spheres.

A scan through their massive thread of roasts reveals that they hit the likes of popular YouTuber David Dobrik, esports insider Slasher, the official SMITE page, KFC Gaming, and many other prominent gaming and content creation pages and personalities. 

The highlights and best tweets from Wendys’ January 4 roasting spree can be viewed in the thread provided below:

#NationalRoastDay 2019