Ninja pleads for Epic Games to deal with hackers in Fortnite

Epic Games / Ninja

Fortnite hackers have been plaguing the game causing mischief and mayhem, leading popular Twitch streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins to call on Epic Games to put a stop to the madness.

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Epic Games is constantly adding new weapons, items, and fixtures to its popular battle royale, but another element of the game has players wondering what’s taking so long in finding a solution.

Ninja took to Twitter to express his displeasure revolving around hackers in Fortnite after he encountered one in a freak accident that saw the streamer’s character shot up into the air and subsequently dying.

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“Killed a friendly hacker that did this 5 seconds before… then another one comes in… [Epic Games]. PLEASE,” Ninja said of the incident.

The 27-year-old was was on the hunt to complete a Weekly Challenge near Frosty Flights when he saw a hacker piloting a Quadcrasher in the vicinity.

At first, it was fun and games, as Ninja got into the backseat of the vehicle for an quiet stroll through the air.

But the after having enough time on the joyride, he disposed of the hacker and continued on only to encounter another hacker seconds later.

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Epic GamesThe Quadcrasher is a useful vehicle that can get airborne for quite sometime, but hackers tend to want to keep it in the air.

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It appeared that the second hacker wanted to replicate a jovial moment as the first, but the incoming hacked Quadcrasher got too close and sent Ninja flying to his death.

The event left the streamer dumbfounded and utterly speechless until he took his plight to Twitter asking for the developers to finally make some changes regarding the issue.