Pokimane weirded out by bizarre unban requests on Twitch

Calum Patterson
Pokimane on Twitch

Pokimane had to temporarily leave her stream for a few minutes after reviewing one particularly crude unban request, but it’s just one of many the Twitch streamer sifts through regularly.

Twitch now allows streamers to review their unban requests from users who their moderators have banned from chat, and streamers have found it often makes for entertaining content.

That’s because the type of people who end up getting themselves banned from a Twitch chat are not always the most straightforward individuals, and there’s no shortage of wacky ban reasons and excuses.

Pokimane hits out at sexist comments
Pokimane was the most-watched female streamer on Twitch in 2020.

The standard is something along the lines of ‘my little brother did it’ or ‘I was hacked’, which usually results in a swift denial from the streamer. But, Pokimane has come across some truly bizarre ones during her stream on February 2.

As she read an unban request from user atlis123, their initial messages were a bit spammy, repeatedly saying ‘simp’ – but the bannable message truly took Pokimane by surprise.

“How am I supposed to get hard when your facecam is an animation” the message read. Pokimane has been doing some streams using her VTuber avatar, which displays a digital version of herself.

Stunned, Pokimane jumped out her seat and remained off-camera for a couple of minutes as she gathered herself.

Returning, she was then even more confused by the message the user had left in hopes of getting unbanned, simply writing “I do.”

“Unban request is just ‘I do’…” In response, Poki wrote ‘didn’t ask to marry’ and denied the request. “Why is the responsibility on me, to give you a hard on? It’s hard for me to even say that sentence. Like why is that the responsibility of my stream?”

Pokimane was also playing an unban request bingo game at the same time, chalking off all the predictable responses such as “I was drunk” or “it was a dare.”

Streamers are of course under no obligation to even review these requests, but because it makes for entertaining content, many have realized they can make the most of their toxic viewers.

Pokimane remained the most-watched female streamer on Twitch in 2020, so there’s no shortage of strange people in her chat on a daily basis.

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