Pokimane says there “isn’t a reason” for Belle Delphine to return to social media

Virginia Glaze
Pokimane says Belle Delphine has no reason for internet comeback

Belle Delphine disappeared from the internet months ago, leaving fans curious to know what’s going on with the star… but Pokimane says Delphine doesn’t have a reason to make a comeback.

Belle Delphine was once one of the most buzzed-about social media stars of the day.

The creator pioneered some of the net’s biggest trends, becoming the first influencer to sell her own bathwater — a fad that was later emulated by Twitch star Amouranth, who recently sold her own farts in a jar to great success.

However, she went dark on OF in October 2021 and has been radio silent ever since, with her last tweet being published in February last year.

Twitter/Belle Delphine
Belle Delphine notably sold her own bathwater to fans back in 2019.

Although this isn’t the first time she’s taken a lengthy hiatus, her complete pause is prompting curiosity among onlookers and even sparking some deep-dives from internet sleuths.

Twitch star Pokimane recently watched a video from YouTuber SunnyV2 regarding Delphine’s disappearance and came to the conclusion that she doesn’t actually have a reason for coming back to content creation.

Pokimane explains why Belle Delphine doesn’t need a comeback

Pokimane staying on twitch
Pokimane is one of Twitch’s biggest stars and the only woman in Twitch’s top 20 most-followed streamers – but she had to put the brakes on fans wanting her to sell her bathwater after Delphine’s bathwater stunt in 2019.

“I think before, there was a reason for her to come back, and now there just isn’t,” she began.

“There isn’t a monetary reason, ’cause she’s already made a ton of money. There isn’t an intention kind of reason, because not as many people are interested.”

“She’s already kind of done it all. And, she said that her year away went really well. Honestly, internet stuff can be really stressful. I’m sure she feels like, ‘I don’t need this.’ I guess she will come back after she spends all that money.”

Delphine admitted that, at one point, she was raking in about $1 million a month from her content creation — so it stands to reason that she might be taking it easy after securing the bag.

Although it’s unclear what Delphine’s current career path will lead to, Amouranth recently revealed she’s making a major pivot from OnlyFans (where she similarly made $1 monthly) to pursue “legacy content.”

Perhaps Delphine is also taking a similar route, but until she says otherwise, the world may never know.

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