Logan Paul reveals hand injury that could put an end to his boxing career

Logan-paul-broken-hand-boxingYouTube: Logan Paul

Logan Paul revealed he sustained a hand injury that doctors described as “career-ending” for boxers after messing up a punch on a boxing arcade machine and hitting the wall instead.

Logan hasn’t fought in a boxing match since going the distance against Floyd Mayweather in June 2021, and based on comments he made during Episode 321 of the IMPAULSIVE Podcast, it seems like there’s a reason behind it.

The Maverick broke his hand in the months after the fight. He whiffed a punch on a boxing arcade machine while drunk in Germany, and it was so bad that doctors told him it was career-ending for boxers.

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Logan Paul Wrestlemania outfit Pikachu Pokemon card screenshot.Twitter/Logan Paul
Logan Paul has recently transitioned into professional wrestling.

“I see one of those arcade punching boxing machines in a bar, and I said I need to set the high score because I’m a f**king boxer,” explained Logan. “I’ve got an ego, and that’s my thing, you know, the boxing game.

“The bartender made it very clear after he saw my vigor with the first punch that many men and women have broken their hands on the column next to the game. I said, guy, I’m a boxer. I’m not going to hit the f**king wall.”

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However, he ended up doing exactly that. “I move the bench and I get a running start. I go Happy Gilmore style. I hit this thing as hard as I can and, sure enough, I hit the f**king column exactly where he said I would.

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“Immediately I knew I shattered my hand. I didn’t know how bad it was. I got to the hospital, and they’re like, dude you shattered your third metacarpal on your hand. It’s the most important joint in your hand, and for boxers, this is a career-ending injury.”

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It’s unclear whether Logan has heeded the doctor’s call and hung up the gloves for good. He admitted the news was “very hard to hear” and described the outcome as “very depressing,” which could imply that he has.

However, it hasn’t stopped him from transitioning into professional wrestling for the WWE. Not only did he win his debut match at WrestleMania 38, but he also admitted he’s considering doing wrestling full-time.

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