People are actually spending thousands on Amouranth’s fart jars, because of course they are

Amouranth sells fartsTwitter/Amouranth

Twitch streamer Amouranth’s new business venture of selling her farts and bath water for thousands of dollars seems to be paying off, as fans are actually buying them.

Amouranth has taken the internet by storm in the past couple years, dominating Twitch, OnlyFans and other platforms to build up quite the revenue stream.

Her profits have resulted in the 28-year-old buying a gas station, a 7-Eleven, investing millions in stock, and ven buying a plastic ball company.

Now, she’s entered the world of selling jarred farts for the unbelievable price of $999 (hey, gas prices are ridiculous these days) and shockingly, she seems to be making a profit off her ‘Cutie Pa-TOOT-ies.’

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Fans spend big bucks on Amouranth’s farts

Since the announcement on February 28, fans have been posting their purchase orders, which, including shipping costs, comes to over $1000 for each bottle.

“Easiest decision of my life,” one said, posting a receipt.

“Had to support my favorite streamer and my queen Amouranth,” streamer MarkyNextDoor wrote. “Thank god my paycheck hit today. I look forward to supporting your feature endeavors and businesses. Consider me a loyal customer!”

Amouranth herself even replied to this, instructing Marky to DM her the order number to receive something “extra special.” Though, it’s unclear what exactly that something will be.

It should be noted that, while it’s possible all these receipts are real, they could easily be screengrabs of a legitimate order. In any case, it’s impossible to tell, but that’s not where this bizarre story ends.

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In a special announcement, Amouranth revealed that any influencer who wants to make a review video of her far jars would receive a big PR package and expedited shipping. However, they’d still need to actually pay for the product.

Of course, how people want to spend their own money is completely up to them. Some people buy NFTs and others spend money on mobile games with microtransactions, so if someone wants to buy a fart jar from one of the world’s top content creators, all power to them.

It will be very interesting to see what critics think of the product once they receive it and if the $1000 price tag was really warranted.

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