Pokimane reveals new deal on Myna cookies: “It’s not a broke boy Black Friday sale”

Michael Gwilliam
pokimane holding her myna cookies

Twitch star Pokimane has announced a special deal on her Myna Snacks cookies after backlash to calling viewers upset with pricing “broke boys” by once again using the term.

Pokimane went viral last week after revealing her first product launch in the form of a new snack company, but it was instantly met with criticism.

After viewers compared her cookies to another product at Costco and voiced their concerns about the price of hers, the streamer fired back calling her fans “broke boys.”

Despite apologizing for the remark and insisting it was a joke, Pokimane referenced the term again during a November 24 stream where she discussed a special deal on her cookies.

Pokimane Cookies
Pokimane’s Myna Snacks are offering consumers healthier alternatives to snack foods.

Pokimane says special Myna Snacks offer isn’t a “broke boy Black Friday sale”

When a viewer asked how the cookies were selling, Poki revealed they were doing well and began discussing a new promotion on their website.

After thinking in her head and laughing out loud, the Twitch icon joked that it wasn’t a “broke boys Black Friday sale,” referencing her past comments that sparked plenty of backlash.

“If you buy a pack of eight or twelve, you get a free hat. It’s really cute. I have one. In case anyone was interested,” she added before moving on with her broadcast.

An eight-pack of Myna cookies will set customers back $56, while the twelve-pack is marked at $84.

If you’re wondering whether to buy them, we at Dexerto tried Pokimane’s Myna Snacks and found that while they taste good, they probably weren’t worth $7 per bag.

Fellow streamer xQc also reviewed Pokimane’s cookies and was a bit harsher with his verdict, saying they taste like an Oreo “but worse.” He gave them a 5/10, which mostly aligned with our score of 3/5.

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