Pokimane responds after xQc calls her Twitch’s most attractive streamer

Luke Edwards
Two pictures, both of Pokimane and xQc streaming.Twitch: xQcOW / Pokimane

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys was left stunned as Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyell said she was the most attractive streamer on Twitch.

The ‘newly wed game’ is without a doubt one of the riskiest games to play with a partner. The premise is basic: couples are asked a question, and each person has to guess their partner’s answer. If the answers match, you get a point, but if they don’t, it can sometimes get a bit awkward.

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While playing the newlywed game with popular streamers including Ludwig Ahgren, Chance ‘Sodapoppin’ Morris and Malena Tudi, xQc was asked who he thought was the most attractive streamer on Twitch. He couldn’t name himself or his girlfriend, Adept.

He name-dropped Pokimane, and everyone in the room absolutely lost it. Unfortunately for xQc, his Adept thought he would have picked either hot tub streamer Alinity or Spanish YouTuber Rubius, who recently called him out, so they didn’t even get the point.

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On her May 29 stream, Pokimane reacted to xQc honoring her as Twitch’s most attractive streamer, and she could barely believe it herself.

“That’s not what I thought was gonna happen!” she said. “I thought it was gonna be a tier three [subscription] joke.

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“I will say I’m flattered, honestly, that’s very nice, thanks. There are so many hot people on this site and they even said it doesn’t have to be a girl, so yeah thanks.”

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Pokimane then explained exactly why she was so flushed speechless over xQc calling her attractive.”The reason I’m so flushed is because I have a big crush on his roommate [and girlfriend] Adept,” she added.

While viewers were shocked by xQc’s answer, it’s fair to say he has a lot of respect for the OTV streamer. For example, he has a track record of speaking out against people who have been misogynistic towards Pokimane.

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Either way, it’s likely the two will cross paths soon, with xQc and BaboAbe confirming the OfflineTV Rust server is returning June. Last time, xQc turned out to be the perfect villain for the RP, so it will be interesting to see what exploits he gets up to this time.

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