BaboAbe and xQc confirm return of Rust server for streamers and how it’s changed

RustFacepunch Studios

Rust has taken a bit of a backseat amongst streamers as many continue to flock towards GTA RP, but the return of the Rust server could soon change that. 

At the start of the year, Pokimane, shroud, Myth, and xQc, and more delved into the brutally hard world of Rust. The survival video game is known for its tense gunfights and harsh environments, where players can choose to work together or go it alone. It’s this gameplay loop that led to the Rust streamer server being born. After a number of months of exciting clan wars and hilarious clips, many streamers took a break from Rust. 

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Many left for the crime-infested streets of GTA RP, which is another game that has proven incredibly popular amongst viewers. However, this is all set to change with the return of the eagerly anticipated Rust server. Quite how many streamers will be involved this time around remains to be seen, but there are a number of exciting changes that aim to keep things feeling fresh. 

Return of the Rust streamer server

xQc Rust bear encounterFacepunch Studios / xQc
xQc certainly had his fair share of funny Rust moments.

During his recent Subnautica stream, xQc told viewers that the Rust server would be coming back. “I talked to Abe today, and we’ll play Rust when they do a server again, which is in a month.” This was obviously very exciting news for fans of Rust, particularly those that enjoyed watching xQc’s previous shenanigans. 

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However, BaboAbe gave further insights into the new server and also provided viewers with a start date. “Just wanted to confirm that the Rust content server will be coming back July 1st,” said Abe via Twitter. “Going to be super fun, a lot more vanilla-like and pvp focused this time around so expect a lot of chaos, deaths, and tears!”

This seems like a big step up from the previous server and should be a welcomed change for those that enjoy more action-oriented streams. Whether Pokimane, Sykkuno, shroud, Myth, and Valkyrae will return remains to be seen, but either way, it looks like Rust is back on the menu.   

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