xQc answers Spanish Twitch star El Rubius’ fight challenge: “I will kick your a**”

xQc El Rubius Twitch FightTwitch: xQc / El Rubius

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel responded to Spanish Twitch star Ruben Doblas ‘El Rubius’ Gunderson’s fight challenge, claiming he would “kick his a**” because he has the advantage in speed and reach. 

xQc and El Rubius are both giants in the streaming world. They pull an absurd number of viewers between them and both have loyal and dedicated fanbases. The resemblance between them is also uncanny.

However, that’s not all they have in common. El Rubius noticed they’re both roughly the same height, which prompted him to ponder about a potential ‘super fight’ between them. Eventually, it manifested into a full-blown challenge.

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“Hey xQc, I see you are the same height as me,” he said. “Why don’t you and I kick [eachother’s] a**es in the next big boxing event or UFC-style event? Yes. I want to fight you. I [will] kick your a**. Stop copying me. ”

At first, xQc laughed at the fact El Rubius thinks he can beat him, saying, “Okay, that’s not going to happen.” However, he seemed open-minded about it but wanted to know how much the Spanish streamer weighed. Then, he sat back, elongated his spine, and issued an official response to the call-out.

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“Hello Rubius, I am also 6 foot 2. We can fight, and I will kick your a** . Except I need to know how much you weigh before. Because I have a lot of reach and I’m quick, but fighting is a lot about weight. So, if you are [heavier], I will have to eat my crusts.”

In a hilarious attempt to show his fighting prowess, xQc cranked up the volume to Cosmic Gate’s classic trance hit, Exploration of Space, and scuttled around the room like a sprawled-out crab.

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“You don’t want to [go] against me in a fight, dude! Look how fast I go, man,” he laughed before running out of gas and collapsing back into the chair.

The challenge and response seemed largely tongue-in-cheek. However, considering a handful of internet personalities have already stepped into the fight game, a fight between El Rubius and xQc isn’t beyond the realm of possibility.

Plus, considering fans would love to see the two lookalike streaming giants clash in the ring or octagon, the interest is there – if not only to see them embarrass themselves.

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