Shroud says xQc isn’t to blame for GTA RP NoPixel permaban: “They literally push him to his limit”

Twitch star shroud next to xQcYouTube: shroud / xQcOW

During his May 28 Twitch stream, Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek revealed why he thinks Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel’s NoPixel GTA RP ban was due to “leeches” purposely trying to break him.

After months of problems in GTA RP, xQc found himself permanently banned from the wildly-popular NoPixel server on May 23. The former Overwatch pro argued that his termination was largely due to his fame and not being able to control viewers.

One person who agrees is fellow Twitch star shroud. The FPS god told viewers that playing Grand Theft Auto on stream “f**king blows” and used Lengyel’s ban as an example of how viewers pester streamers until they are past their limits and snap.

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Twitch streamer shroud opens up about xQc GTA RP ban.Twitch: shroud
The popular streamer gave his take on xQc’s infamous GTA RP ban.

Shroud explains how “leeches” played a big part in xQc NoPixel ban

While streaming Valorant, Grzesiek opened up about why he doesn’t like to stream GTA RP, before launching into a rant about xQc’s ban: “GTA RP on stream f**king blows. It’s a part of the reason why xQc got permabanned on NoPixel. Whether xQc did something wrong or didn’t it doesn’t matter.”

Shroud then explained how viewers went out of their way to harass xQc just to get a reaction. “The main point is that he has so many viewers that everyone is a bunch of f**king leeches. All of them. And they will do anything and everything to get any form of clout. Any form of reaction. And that’s just annoying as s**t,” he said.

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The 26-year old argued that these antagonizers played a role in Lengeyl getting banned. “And I’m assuming xQc got permabanned, finally, because people just pester and pester. And they push and they push AND THEY PUSH. And xQc isn’t the kind of person to remain calm. He’s gonna break. They literally push him to his limit and he freaks out. What do they expect?”

The streamer followed up his argument by detailing his own experiences with RP. “That’s exactly how it felt when I played, man. The second anyone hears Summit’s voice, they are a bunch of f**king vultures. VULTURES all of them. It’s TERRIBLE.”

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He then told his viewers that role-playing was much more fun before content creation was a thing.

Broadcasting RP certainly seems like a double-edged sword. On the one hand, streamers are asked to not break character, yet players in the game are going to treat famous content creators differently.

According to xQc, the pressure he felt due to his massive audience and how people treated him on NoPixel became “too much.” Only time will tell if the server admin’s eventually come around to also seeing his point of view.