xQc calls out ExtraEmily for ranking her partners in bed

Jeremy Gan
xQc calls out ExtraEmily for ranking her partners in bedTwitch: xqc/ExtraEmily

xQc has called out ExtraEmily for ranking her sexual partners in bed in a detailed spreadsheet, labeling the act as “weird.” 

When it comes to streamers and their lives outside of their jobs, especially if it has to do with their sexual proclivities, most don’t exactly divulge much information about it to their audience. 

However, ExtraEmily hasn’t been shy about sharing details about her life with her fans, shocking the internet about her hygiene routines and lack of deodorant usage, for instance. 

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Adding to the list of personal details, Emily just revealed how she keeps a detailed spreadsheet of partners she has slept with, ranking them in a number of categories like size and performance. She then showed it off to fellow streamers which sent the internet into a tizzy, forcing even xQc to react. 

Unsurprisingly, many viewers found it odd, and one of them is xQc himself, calling it “weird”. 

“I don’t think it’s weird if it’s like encrypted on your phone or something like that so that nobody can ever get, but showing it to other people, then that’s definitely weird,” xQc said of Emily showing it off.

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He explained it wasn’t the act of creating the spreadsheet that was weird, but showing it off to others that irked him. 

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“The way that you decide to either quantify or store your memories, whether it’s pictures or stories or whatever, that’s entirely fine, there’s nothing wrong with that. If she decided to do it to remember, it could be a million reasons, I’m not gonna hate on it.

.ut to show others is definitely weird. I think it’s mega ultra weird.” Even more so xQc pointed out that if the roles had been reversed it too would be “f***ing weird”. 

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“What if I had a spreadsheet of like girls I’ve been with, their performance, like the shape and where on the thing, and like f***ing bulb shaped and everything around it and whatnot, that’s just f***ing weird.

“Like oh yeah, that was a battle-scarred minus, like that was super pepperoni salami, like what the f***. Like grip tier grip reaper.”

Needless to say, xQc didn’t find Emily’s spreading of her detailed spreadsheet very amusing.

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