Pokimane baffled after Fortnite duo insults then flirts with her

Virginia Glaze

Twitch star Imane “Pokimane” Anys is well-known for her humorous interactions with random Duos in Fortnite — but one of these duo fills took an awkward turn that no one saw coming.

Pokimane often records her Fortnite sessions with other random players, many of whom are young children who are shocked to actually be playing with the famous streamer.

However, not all of these players are young — nor innocent, as she found out during one of her Duo Fill excursions in mid-March.

Pokimane is one of Twitch’s most popular streamers, passing a milestone of 4 million subscribers earlier this month.

Pokimane’s Duo Fill adventure took place on International Women’s Day, a fact that she made sure to mention to her fellow players over the mic to get their reaction — but it wasn’t the holiday that spurred some vitriol from one of her teammates.

The player apparently wasn’t impressed by her quirky sense of humor, after she joked about the exclusive Ninja skin he was wearing and asked if he was really the streamer.

“What are you talking about?” he asked in response. “Yeah I’m Ninja, you f**king b**ch, what about it?”

Pokimane used her teammate’s Ninja skin as a talking point – but he wasn’t impressed with her humor.

Needless to say, Anys was taken aback by his response, but managed to take the insult in stride by saying, “I was just wondering. …dude, two seconds in!”

That wasn’t the end of their surprising conversation, though; the tone took a quick 180 after she jokingly admitted her real identity to the player, who proceeded to overtly flirt with the streamer.

“Wait, are you a lady?” he asked.

“It is International Womens’ Day,” she answered.

Pokimane’s Fortnite excursions often involve young players – but this particular interaction took an unexpected turn.

“So you are. How old are you?” he continued.

“Old enough,” she replied.

“Old enough to what? (Censored)”

The teammate went on to flirt with Pokimane, announcing, “I wanna get to know you” — as if he hadn’t just insulted her before their match had even begun.

This Fortnite player’s attempt at flirting backfired in a hilarious fashion.

Anys was left floored by their interaction, which continued in a similar fashion throughout the game.

“That was a very… interesting game,” she said of their conversation. “Is that common? ‘I wanna get to know you, baby girl.’ Hmmm.”

(Topic begins at 2:15 for mobile viewers)

Despite his best efforts, it doesn’t look like coming on strong is the best way to win Pokimane’s heart — nor insulting her, for that matter.

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