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Pokimane accidentally drops hilarious response to “Twitch sexism” rant

Published: 7/Jan/2020 4:49 Updated: 7/Jan/2020 4:22

by Isaac McIntyre


Twitch star Imane ‘Pokimane‘ Anys descended into peals of laughter after her fans gave her a near-perfect clip to play right after she listened to fellow streamer Peachachoo’s viral “sexism and misogyny” rant.

Peachachoo opened fire on an unnamed “large creator” on Twitch, who she suggested had forged an “extremely disheartening” culture of sexism. According to the Just Chatting streamer, this unnamed star was at the center of a growing issue on the broadcasting platform, which was seeing female streamers treated “poorly.”

Pokimane reacted to the now-viral clip on January 6, and her response — both her initial reaction, and the added accidental clip moments later — combined to send the popular Twitch star into fits of laughter.


Twitch: PeachachooPeachachoo opened fire on what she perceives as a “sexist” culture on Twitch during her January 5 broadcast.

Pokimane reacts to Peachachoo’s “sexism” rant

In Peachachoo’s clip from January 5, the Just Chatting streamer was asked about her opinion on the rise of “incels” (involuntary celibates) online.

She didn’t hold back in her scathing assessment, suggesting the term ‘incels’ was instead a moniker for “sexists and misogynists” who were sharing and advocating for a certain, dangerous, kind of culture on Twitch.

“It’s extremely disheartening to see a person with those really strong sexist opinions being followed by so many people,” she added. “I think that’s really sad.”

Pokimane, who had been watching along with the rant, paused the video and changed her streaming camera to an extreme close-up, staring straight at her fans as if to deliver a silent message about what Peachachoo had been saying.


A fan quickly shared with her a link to Tyler ‘Trainwrecks’ Niknam’s recent broadcast, which she later admitted she thought was going to be a comment reaction. Instead, it was Train simply repeating “true” over and over again.

“True… yeah, that’s pretty true,” Trainwrecks said, unknowingly agreeing with Peachachoo’s sentiments. Pokimane descended into uncontrollable laughter as the clip continued. “That’s true, that’s pretty true. I mean, that’s f**king true yeah.”

Funny, but purely accidental, says Pokimane

The Twitch star, still laughing from the timing of the clip, eventually rallied herself enough to make sure her fans, and Train himself, didn’t think she was implying anything from sharing the clip, and pointed at a rogue fan as the reason it had come up at all.


“Someone in my chat linked that, holy sh*t,” she said, still fighting back laughter. “I thought it was going to be Train responding to it. That’s actually so funny, holy sh*t.”

While Pokimane didn’t directly respond to Peachachoo’s callout, it stands to reason many would be interested in what she thinks about it all, especially considering she’s been a leading female streamer since her explosion in popularity in 2017.

Whether or not she’ll comment, however, remains to be seen. She recently weighed in on another streaming rant, this time from InvaderVie, who tore into a viewer suggesting she was simply a “Twitch thot.”


Pokimane may have said more on that subject at the time but, for the most part, the 23-year-old has attempted to stay out of any inter-Twitch warfare in regards to culture, so don’t be surprised if she doesn’t come back to Peachachoo’s rant again.