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Pokimane stunned after receiving another inappropriate gift from fan

Published: 6/Jan/2020 22:28

by Meg Bethany Koepp


Twitch star Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys was left speechless after she received an extremely rude gift during her Christmas fan mail opening stream – and now it’s revealed she got sent another.

To celebrate Christmas back in December, the female Twitch personality opened fan mail during a special broadcast for viewers, in which she received a rather rude item.

Now, a January 6 YouTube video shows that the questionable gift wasn’t the only inappropriate present the Moroccan-Canadian got – though this one was a bit less crude.

Pokimane’s inappropriate gift

In the video titled “FAN SENT ME INAPPROPRIATE COSTUME,” the 23-year-old innocently opened parcels sent in from viewers when she suddenly exclaimed “what the f**k is this?” before she held up a black shirt facing away from the camera. “I mean, what the frick is this?”


Upon turning the item of clothing around, it was revealed that the Twitch star has received a t-shirt with “stealing your views” written across the front in the shape of a pair of women’s breasts.

“True!” Poki exclaimed, before she burst out laughing. She held out a Christmas card from the recipient, and stated, “The reason I said “what the heck is this?” is because their card, it’s Twitch chat.”

(Timestamp 2:26 for mobile viewers.)

The card was of a conversation between some fans who were talking about the way some people assume female streamers pull in views for their broadcasts – by showing off their chests.


“How do you have so many followers? “Probably because of b**bs.” the personality read out. “This is actually really funny, I like this!”

The OfflineTV member finished off by revealing that she might actually wear it sometime: “I might just rock it one of these days!”

Twitch: PokimaneThe shirt wasn’t the worst present she’d received – she was also gifted an adult toy.

Pokimane is currently the top female personality on Twitch, and boasts over 3.7 million followers on the Amazon-owned platform at this time of writing.

She gained her popularity for League of Legends broadcasts, but now is seen as more of a variety streamer due to her venture into other content.