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Pokimane shares interesting take on InvaderVie’s epic Twitch viewer rant

Published: 5/Jan/2020 1:55

by Brent Koepp


Twitch megastar Imane ‘Pokimane‘ Anys reacted to a viral clip of InvaderVie going off on a sexist viewer who insulted her, and shared her interesting take on the exchange. 

Streaming personality InvaderVie went off on a viewer during her January 3 broadcast, taking them down with an epic rant after being called a “Twitch thot” (that h*e over there).

However, popular Twitch star Pokimane reacted to the viral clip on January 4, and shared her take on the incident that she admits is “kind of f**ed up.”

Instagram: @pokimanelol
Instagram: @pokimanelol
Pokimane is the most popular female streamer on Twitch.

Pokimane reacts to InvaderVie’s take down of a Twitch viewer

In the viral clip, InvaderVie exploded on a viewer who insulted her with a derogatory term, stating, “Every single member of your family who ever existed to bring you, the absolute lowest form of scum on the planet, into existence… All of them are ashamed of you!”


During the middle of a broadcast, Pokimane reacted to the clip for her audience, and shared her thoughts on the incident. “Is it f**ked up that I feel that someone out there probably really enjoyed hearing that?” she said.

She then continued, and wondered if the viewer that had harassed her would even care about the response. “And the guy that made the comment, does not give a s**t. You know what I mean?” she said, breaking down laughing.

The popular streamer’s chat erupted into laughter at her thoughts on the situation, before she exclaimed, “Sorry I don’t know if my brain is just rotten for it to go there!”


InvaderVie has not made any further comments on the exchange, although she spent time during her broadcast educating her viewers on why “thot” is an offensive word that doesn’t “track” with the way the term is used.

Despite her interesting take on the clip, Pokimane’s large following means it will get more views, putting a spotlight on InvaderVie’s take down of her harasser.

Pokimane continues to be the most popular female channel on Twitch, and as of the time of this article, she boasts a following over 3.7 million on the streaming platform.

The streamer is also a media juggernaut with millions of viewers across her YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter accounts, and even released a successful clothing line in 2019.