Pokelawls’ “Ninja sound board” perfectly trolls fans in Fortnite

Virginia Glaze
Pokelawls, Ninja - Twitch

Streaming star Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is a major name in the online gaming world, known for his massive presence in Fortnite However, one fan got more than they expected during a surprise “meet-and-greet” with the celeb to star the New Year.

While Ninja is often touted for his hilarious on-stream moments, the star is also known for his friendly demeanor and positive interactions with fans, as seen in his heartfelt video message to a fan with Cerebral Palsy in August 2019.

However, one fan was met with a decidedly different approach during a live stream on January 1, as part of a humorous plan concocted by Twitch streamer “Pokelawls.”

Ninja, Adidas - Instagram
Streaming star Tyler “Ninja” Blevins was hilariously impersonated by fellow streamer “Pokelawls” as a way to troll fans.

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Pokelawls, another top streaming personality, hatched a ploy to pose as Ninja during a Fortnite stream, using his skills with a soundboard to imitate the streamer and dupe other players into thinking he was in their game.

In fact, Poke’s soundboard talents were so realistic that it’s easy to believe it’s actually Ninja on the other end of the line, with Poke “asking” him to tell a fan in their squad that his stream would be uploaded to YouTube.

Pokelawls, Twitter
Twitch star “Pokelawls” used his talents with a soundboard to imitate Ninja during a hilarious game of Fortnite.

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“Yeah, what up Ninja, can you tell this kid that this is going on YouTube?” Poke asked.

“Hey, listen, if we win this game — I’m not gonna lie, even if we lose this game, it’s goin’ on YouTube,” the Ninja soundboard replied.

However, the young fan in their game was relatively silent throughout the conversation, prompting Poke to give him a verbal nudge.

“Do you know Ninja?” Poke asked.

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“Yes?” they replied, confused.

“Yo Ninja, talk to him,” Poke prodded, prompting an audible gasp from the fan.

Rather than giving some well-intentioned advice or a simple greeting, Poke’s “Ninja” bot instead answered, “F**k you, kid,” — sending Poke into a fit of laughter.

“Okay sorry, it’s not him it’s not Ninja!” Poke clarified. “It’s not Ninja, it’s a fake robot! Why did you — you can’t say, ‘F**k you, kid!’”

Considering the breathy laughter on the other end of the line, it’s safe to say that Poke’s prank went over quite well — if not in the manner he originally anticipated.