Ninja brings young fan with Cerebral Palsy to tears with heartfelt message

KingoCraigo, Twitter

Streaming star Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is one of the most popular faces in gaming, boasting over 14 million followers on Twitch before leaving the site for Mixer – and he’s using his internet fame for a good cause.

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Ninja’s expansive fanbase includes both older and younger gamers alike, and he’s not above showing his admirers a little appreciation now and then.

In fact, Ninja sent a special video message to one of his young fans on August 21 – a fan who suffers from cerebral palsy, a condition defined as a group of disorders that affect muscle coordination and movement.

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Lauren Kretzschmar, Get Good Press KitNinja is one of gaming’s most popular personalities, leaving behind 14.7 million followers on Twitch in his move to Mixer, where he already boasts over 2 million followers.

“Hi Finley!” Ninja’s message began. “I just wanted to say hi and I hope you’re feeling better. I love you buddy, and have a good rest of your day, man.”

The star’s video was posted to Twitter by Finely’s father, fellow streamer “KingoCraigo,” who revealed that Ninja had also sent his son a signed LAMO figure and t-shirts.

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KingoCraigo later uploaded a video of Finley watching Ninja’s special message, who embraced his father with a hug, appearing to cry.

“…he cried but I had to cut it out, as he doesn’t want to show everyone,” Kingo confirmed in the video’s caption. “He will remember this forever, you’re his idol mate and I appreciate you taking time out so much. Legend.”

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Ninja’s wife and manager Jessica Blevins responded to Kingo’s Tweet with an equally heartfelt message, writing, “What a sweet boy. We wish him the best and send all of our love here from Chicago.”

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The heartfelt moment didn’t end there: Finely’s Amazon wishlist was also completely “wiped out” following Ninja’s retweet of the tear-jerking video, which even gave the youngster motivation to walk on his own without any support.

This wouldn’t be the first time Ninja has brought a young fan to tears, either: the streamer sent a birthday message to nine-year-old Zach on August 12, completely shocking the youngster, who couldn’t keep a smile off his face after watching Ninja’s video.

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Ninja’s latest heartfelt act goes to show that, no matter how famous he is, the star can take time out of his busy schedule to make fans’ days brighter.

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