James Charles slams critics after Sisters hoodie found in thrift store

Virginia Glaze

YouTube star and makeup mogul James Charles is hitting back at criticism after fans discovered one of his exclusive “Sisters” hoodies in a thrift store.

Known far and wide for his popular “Sisters” slogan, Charles boasts a slew of merchandise touting the phrase, which also appears on one of the hoodies available in his online store.

A TikTok surfaced on Twitter on December 31, which showed a fan who had discovered the hoodie in a Goodwill store — meaning that its previous owner had either donated or sold the clothing to the chain in hopes of rehoming it.

James Charles, Sisters ApparelOne of the hoodies from James Charles’ Sisters Apparel line was discovered in a thrift store by fans, who called the incident “ghetto.”

However, its pricepoint had been significantly reduced, with Goodwill valuing the hoodie at $6.99 (a far cry from its original $45.00 price tag).

The TikTok likewise featured audio that used the word “ghetto” — something that Charles took issue with in his response to the video, where he decried critics for making fun of thrift stores and thrift shopping in comparison to buying designer outerwear.

“People have been tagging me in this as if I’m supposed to be offended?” he wrote. “I already made my money so jokes on you, but more importantly, why are you dragging Goodwill? Maybe it didn’t fit, or they just weren’t a fan anymore? Hopefully someone finds it and gets a great deal!”

“Also, what we aren’t going to do is imply that thrift shopping is ‘ghetto,’” he continued. “Anything for a lil’ attention, huh?”

Charles also took the opportunity to address rumors that accused him of lying about his sexuality on dating apps like Tinder — accusations that have followed YouTuber Tati Westbrook’s viral allegations against him from May 2019.

“While I’m at it, I understand that James Charles straight boy punchlines are an easy way to get likes, but I’ve had enough of the edited DM’s and fake dating app conversations,” he added. “Some of y’all are far too ugly to ever get my attention, and lying for clout is even uglier. Cut it out.”

Despite being one of YouTube’s top beauty gurus, it doesn’t look like Charles is letting internet fame get to his head — and he’s not allowing bad behavior from his fanbase, either.