PewDiePie trolls fans with bizarre new “G FUEL” flavor

Brent Koepp

YouTube king Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg trolled fans on Twitter when he revealed his new “G FUEL” flavor, and it’s as Swedish as you can get.

PewDiePie partnered up with G FUEL in the beginning of 2019 in what has gone on to become an epic sponsorship. The Swede has cleverly integrated the energy formula into his memes, making it a staple of his channel.

However, the YouTube star took it to a whole new level when he hilariously trolled his fans with an announcement of his “new drink flavor” on October 9, and it was authentically Swedish.

GFUEL.comThe YouTube king partnered up with G FUEL in early 2019.

PewDiePie’s “new” G FUEL flavor

The Swede surprised his fans on Twitter when he posted “New pewdiepie gfuel flavour reveal!”, and included a video announcement. “I have some exciting news, I can finally reveal the G FUEL flavor,” he teased.

“The PewDiePie G FUEL flavor is – you guessed it – meatballs. We tried to experiment a lot to make sure it is Swedish meatball authentic. I approve!” he said before guzzling down the drink. PewDiePie gagged as he swallowed the liquid, revealing the whole thing to be a joke.

G FUEL themselves decided to get in on the fun, as CCO Scotty Tidwell tweeted “IKEA gonna be big mad when they find out we jacked their Swedish Meatball recipe” with a bro-fist emoji.

Pewds’ tweet blew up an hour after posting it, with 48.5K likes and over 400k views on his video as of the time of this article. Fans hilariously posted vomiting gifs, and even his friend and fellow Swedish YouTube star Joel ‘Roomie’ Berghult got in on the fun.

Twitter: @ScottyTidwellG FUEL even got in on the fun, as the CCO made an IKEA joke.

PewDiePie continues to dominate on YouTube, despite his temporary break from his wildly popular Minecraft series. The Swede recently took a vacation in Japan, where he revealed that he and his wife bought a house there on September 30.

As of the time of this article, he currently has 101 million subs, which understandably makes him a desired partner for sponsorships with his massive audience – though we’re not sure he’ll be getting a meatball G FUEL flavor any time soon.

While it was all in good fun, if nothing else this stunt proves that the energy formula maker and the YouTube king are a perfect match together as far as sponsorship deals go.

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