PewDiePie announces partnership with one of gaming’s biggest brands

. 3 years ago
PewDiePie, YouTube / GFUEL

YouTube’s most popular creator, Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg, has officially partnered with energy drink company GFUEL, joining the ranks of Dr DisRespect, KEEMSTAR, and other internet personalities.

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PewDiePie made the announcement during a video uploaded on January 12, where he admitted that the brand had been recommended to him by his editor, Brad. Despite initially feeling skeptical of the product, he found himself having a few favorite flavors – including KEEMSTAR’s popular Cotton Candy line.

GFUEL’s founder and CEO, Cliff Morgan, likewise announced the sponsorship, with the company itself jokingly getting in on the ongoing battle between PewDiePie and Bollywood label T-Series.

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PewDiePie is YouTube’s most subscribed creator, with over eighty million subs and counting. Thanks to his competition with T-Series, the YouTuber has swiftly risen to the top of the video platform, with personalities across the space advocating for his channel to topple the label – including the likes of MrBeast, Markiplier, and even Logan Paul.

PewDiePie’s GFUEL sponsorship sees him join the ranks of other popular streamers and internet celebs partnered with the brand, such as Dr DisRespect, Drama Alert’s KEEMSTAR, and even massive entertainment and esports org FaZe.

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This latest sponsorship follows the release of Dr DisRespect’s very own GFUEL flavor, Black on Blackberry, which was announced in a hilarious commercial in late September of 2018. 

Since then, Dr DisRespect has been signed to major talent agency ‘CAA,’ now represented by the same company who works with the likes of Lady Gaga, actor George Clooney, and even former American Vice President Joe Biden, among other A-List celebrities.

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