Korean streamer HAchubby praises Twitch chat for helping her achieve her dreams - Dexerto

Korean streamer HAchubby praises Twitch chat for helping her achieve her dreams

Published: 9/Oct/2019 0:58 Updated: 9/Oct/2019 1:57

by Isaac McIntyre


Korean streamer HAchubby has sung the praises of her followers on Twitch after she returned home from her trip to America for TwitchCon, and said she had achieved her dreams thanks to the support of her fans in chat.

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The Korean star is quickly becoming one of the most popular Just Chatting personalities on the platform, garnering even more followers as she documented her adventures in America.

As well as accidentally meeting up with other streamers, HAchubby was left stunned by pizza, avoided an Avengers scam, and enlisted a pair of police officers into helping her catch a taxi — all experiences she credits completely to her Twitch chat’s ongoing support.


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The rising star took some time during her October 8 broadcast to reminisce on the career path that had led her to San Diego and New York over the past few weeks, and broke down in tears after looking back at a message she had posted in Discord in May last year.

“Travel to America in three years, that was my hope for the end of my story,” she said, re-reading her declaration. “To travel to America was my hope, it was why I started this English stream.”

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HAchubby wasn’t done thanking her loyal followers either, as she dubbed her travel to the United States during September a “miracle” that Twitch had made for her, especially considering it had taken just 15 months to achieve her dream.


“This is a miracle, okay? This is really a miracle. You made this, chat made this,” she said, bursting into tears again as she thanked her fans and viewers.

“My stream is my everything. You made HAchubby, you made the stream, and the American travel. Really, thank you so much. Thank you for everything, thank you so much.”

HAchubby, InstagramHAchubby has exploded in popularity on Twitch since she started in May 2018.
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The Twitch star, who regularly streams her part-time job in a convenience store, has been in a retrospective mode since returning from her adventures, and said in her October 7 stream that she also missed all the new friends she had made, as well as the pizza she tried in New York.


“I met a lot of people, and there was a lot happening. I just miss this,” she said, before turning her attention to the pizza. “Korean pizza and New York pizza is very, very different, different texture. This is my favorite pizza, but I can’t eat it in Korea, so now I’m sad.”

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HAchubby’s rise has been nothing short of meteoric, as the South Korean personality went from a handful of followers during her first streams in May 2018, to more than 113,000 fans.

Considering how popular the IRL streamer has become, we can probably expect to see plenty more of her adventures in America, and elsewhere, in the near future. Maybe she’ll even have to set herself a few new goals to crack as her follower count continues to grow.