YouTuber Stradman reveals insane cost of custom-built car-centric home

TheStradman - YouTube

YouTuber TheStradman has revealed the eye-watering cost of his brand-new home, which he is building to house his impressive car collection.

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Stradman is one of the most popular automotive-focused YouTubers in the world, with his channel boasting over 2.1 million subscribers, and his videos bringing in hundreds of thousands of views at a time.

With an extensive car collection that includes incredible vehicles like a bright orange Lamborghini Gallardo, a Corvette, and a fully-specced Ford Focus RS among others, and Stradman is planning to build a custom-spec dream home to house them and revealed the insane amount the structure will cost.

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Instagram: TheStradmanStradman has an extensive collection of high-performance cars.[ad name=”article2″]

His prospective Utah build is still in the planning stage, but the YouTuber had a 3D model of the home, which acts more as a warehouse for his cars than as somewhere to live. Labelled as “the barn,” the 3500 square-foot bottom floor of the structure will hold 13 vehicles, while the upstairs will feature two apartments and an office.

Unsurprisingly, building a home for his fancy supercars isn’t cheap, and after setting himself an ideal budget of $900,000 to secure land and build the home, the Utah native revealed how much he was quoted, and what he had to cut to bring the price down.

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“I met up with my builder this week and got my first cost estimate,” Stradman explained. “It was considerably more than we were expecting. Just for the structure, not including the land, the number was $1 million, just to build the barn, with the price of land I’m looking at, we’re talking $1.5 million.”

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To bring the cost down, the YouTuber has decided not to include a rock-climbing wall which he deemed unnecessary and has also chosen to scrap the idea of having a balcony and a basement, as the structural work needed to make these a reality were too expensive.

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By making these concessions, Stradman has brought the price of the barn down to below $700,000, and has stated that he is now looking at cheaper land as he continues to try and keep below his $900,000 budget.

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Of course, building a house to park all your cars in is an expensive idea, but even owning the vehicles can cost thousands of dollars, as fellow YouTuber Tim ‘Shmee150’ Burton explained.

The Brit is a proud owner of a McLaren 675LT Spider, but explained that between his car insurance, storage, road tax and servicing, it costs him around $8,000 a year, not including the payments he makes to keep the car.

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