YouTubers “The Dobre Twins” outrage fans with lackluster meet and greet

Dobre Twins, Instagram

As online entertainment continues to grow in popularity, more and more internet personalities are holding meetups with their fabases – but one of these meet-and-greets ended in outrage.

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Twin brothers Lucas and Marcus Dobre are popular faces on YouTube, sporting a joint account that boasts over 17.4 million subscribers.

With such videos as “Teaching first grade for a day” and “Paying people $10,000 to quit their jobs,” their shocking content draws a wide audience – but some fans aren’t big on the internet duo, anymore.

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The Dobre twins held a meet-and-greet in early October when a clip from the event went viral across Twitter, showing the YouTubers looking notably less-than-enthused about spending time with their fans.

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Critics took notice of their robotic expressions during a clip of their photoshoot with a young fan, seemingly refusing to speak with girl during the duration of her thirty-second meeting – one that she could have paid up to $600 to experience.

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Needless to say, this treatment stirred outrage online, with users berating the duo in wake of the viral video.

“This is so ugly,” one user Tweeted. “This girl paid a lot of money to meet these guys and they barely fucking said hi. Like how could you literally just sit there and barely acknowledge the people that love and support you? I’m disgusted.”

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“Bruh, imagine stanning people who are this ungrateful and bitchy to their fans,” another commented. “Couldn’t be me.”

Lucas Dobre later responded to the backlash in an apologetic Tweet, claiming that both he and his brother Marcus were going on 48 hours with little sleep as an explanation for their unenthusiastic meet-and-greet.

“…After a long 48 hours of restless filming and touring then meeting thousands of fans with no sleep, we were exhausted by the end of our show,” he wrote. “Our true apologies.”

However, it doesn’t look like this statement is appealing to critics, with many still outraged at their behavior in the video in spite of Lucas’s apology.

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The Dobre Twins have yet to speak further on the matter at the time of writing.