PewDiePie misses H3H3 podcast & deletes Instagram post amid YouTube break

Brent Koepp

YouTube king Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg sparked intrigue when he canceled his interview on the H3 podcast and deleted his first post on Instagram since early January. Could the Swedish star be gearing up for his return? 

On January 15 , YouTube’s biggest creator PewDiePie bid his 103 million subscribers a temporary farewell as he embarked on his first break from creating content in over 10 years. The Swedish personality had consistently created daily uploads for close to a decade.

However on February 14, fans were left reeling when he rescheduled his interview on H3H3’s podcast,and deleted his first Instagram post in months within the same week.

The Swedish star gave his fans a toast before taking his break from YouTube.

PewDiePie’s misses H3H3 podcast appearance 

According to H3 podcast co-host Ethan Klein, PewDiePie was scheduled for an interview via satellite on Wednesday February 12. He first made the tease at the end of the February 5 episode with Hot Ones host Sean Evans.

“It’s a crazy week. We got Papa John on Monday, and PewDiePie via a satellite call in on Wednesday. Yeah it’s a big week!” he exclaimed to his guests.

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The YouTube comedian re-confirmed the booking during his February 10 podcast with pizza giant Papa John, and announced at the end of the episode, “Guys, we will see you guys on Wednesday with PewDiePie, so we will see you then!” However, the interview with the Swede never went up.

Klein then gave an update during the opening of the February 15 episode and stated, “PewDiePie was supposed to be on today’s episode, he couldn’t make it. So we have no PewDiePie. So hopefully we are enough.”

As the podcast wrapped up, the YouTuber elaborated further on the canceled interview. “Felix, we had two podcasts in a row that we had to cancel. So I’m just going to start saying that PewDiePie canceled at the top of every episode as a gag. So you guys that made it this far know what gag is about. And everyone else will be confused.”

While it’s not entirely clear if the whole thing is a joke, it appears the Swede was scheduled on the show but had to cancel. “I’m going to start saying “sorry to PewDiePie we had to reschedule” at the top of every episode from now on. Because it’s confusing I’ve announced it so many times. Let’s just make it a gag! ” he said, making light of the situation.

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PewDiePie deletes first Instagram post since January 

A couple of days after the apparently canceled H3 podcast appearance, Pewds broke his silence with his first post on Instagram since January 7. The photo was a selfie of the YouTube star, and the caption read “Been a while.”

The photo was then deleted by the Swede, although fans following the account were quick to take screenshots. It’s unclear if the photo was uploaded by accident, or if he removed it out of fear of people assuming he was returning from his break.

Pewds made his brief return to social media, but quickly deleted the post.

The YouTube king has not communicated with fans since taking his vacation as he’s not very active on social media to begin with. On December 16, he deleted his Twitter account stating that he “hates it,” so the Instagram post only fueled more speculation.

Since taking his vacation, fans haven’t seen much of the Swede, apart from a social media post showing him gloriously singing karaoke with friends. If he ever does end up going on the H3 podcast, he may detail his future plans.

It remains to be seen when PewDiePie will be making his triumphant return to making content. His fans clearly miss him and will be sure to be waiting with open arms whenever that happens.

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