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Streamer’s PC falls off desk and breaks during impromptu celebration

Published: 16/Feb/2020 17:57 Updated: 16/Feb/2020 22:12

by Eli Becht


A Twitch streamer’s PC is a vital part of their setup, and everyone could feel the pain when StxrmFN’s came crashing to the ground.

When many streamers first start streaming, it’s common to see them do so directly from their Xbox One or PS4, before finally moving up and upgrading to a PC.

It’s a good feeling to finally have a computer that’s capable of streaming since it opens the door to many opportunities, like having notifications as one notable example.

Becoming a successful streamer is easier when your equipment doesn’t shatter.

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Eventually, streamers might even move on to having a two-PC setup, with one that’s running the game while the other does the heavy lifting for the stream.


Stxrm was in the middle of a high-stakes Blackjack match when he hit 21, which rewarded him with $250. He celebrated this occasion by getting up and screaming “Let’s go!” as he walked around the room. As he sat back down to get back into the game, his PC came crashing down behind him. Since he had two PCs, instead of the stream just ending, viewers instead got to feel his pain when the computer hit the ground.

You never want to see your expensive gear bite the dust.

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“Oh my…” he said after the incident. “This has gotta be the worst night.”

After being in shock for a little while, he decided to end the stream and mourn his loss.


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Even if you’ve never had this misfortune, it’s definitely relatable as nobody wants to see their most valuable items broken. The streamer didn’t go into detail as to whether anything was salvageable or not, but it certainly sounded like the case shattered when it hit the ground.

The parts inside could be safe, but from the sounds of things, he’ll have to purchase a new case to house the meat of his PC. He also might want to consider buying a more stable desk or perhaps even setting his computer on the floor so accidents like this don’t happen again. At the very least, he got a viral moment out of it and a lesson well learned for the future.