Pewdiepie left dumbfounded by xQc’s “hoarder” streaming setup

Zackerie Fairfax
pewdiepie reacting to xqc

In a recent reaction style video from Pewdiepie, YouTube’s biggest creator was shocked after xQc revealed his messy streaming setup.

During a Twitch stream on August 19, xQc allowed his viewers to peek behind the curtain and showed just how messy his streaming setup had become.

Bags of trash and unfinished food were piled up beside xQc’s desk, and the desk itself was riddled with cans of soda and styrofoam cups. His fans were left disgusted as this trash is usually kept out of frame.

A few days later, Pewdiepie would upload a video titled ‘Stream Fails (Top 1)‘ where he and CinnamonToastKen would react to various live stream highlights. xQc’s clip made the cut.

Pewdiepie shocked by xQc’s trash pile

At 16 minutes and 17 seconds into the video, the infamous clip would roll sending Pewdiepie into a fit of uncontrollable laughter.

Pewds shared his thoughts on xQc’s setup stating, “The drinks I’m like ‘okay’ but the uneaten food that’s old… that’s just bad dude. What do you think? You’re streaming like 24/7.”

Ken then chimed in, “You just throw your bag over there in the pile? I’ve reacted to hoarder videos that look a lot like this.” To which Pewdiepie agreed while fighting off more laughter.

Later, xQc would react to Pewdiepie seeing his setup. Sitting in silence for more of the clip, xQc would pause the video to address his viewers.

“No joke… nobody can relate to this probably, but Dave’s chicken – when it goes kinda bad over a couple days, like five days or whatever – it actually smells kind of good. When the fries and the pickles go bad, it smells decent.”

Pewdiepie and Ken also reacted to Asmongold’s set up in the same video when it was at its peak messiness. His setup was substantially dirtier than xQc’s taking over a larger portion of Asmon’s room.

However, after a recent “mid-life crisis”, Asmon cleaned his room revealing parts of the floor he hadn’t seen in quite some time. This shows that, even though xQc is hoarding piles of garbage, it’s not too late for the streamer to get his room back in order.