xQc disgusts Twitch viewers again by showing his messy room

xQc looking shockedxQc / Twitch

Yet again xQc has disgusted viewers when he showed off the hidden elements of his streaming room, only to prove just how messy it really is.

As if forgetting the outrage that occurred the last two times he showed his room on Twitch, xQc has stunned viewers yet again with the state of his streaming room. He famously doesn’t care about the design or looks of his space, explaining that he likes streaming to not feel like a job so doesn’t kit it out as one.

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However, that is no excuse for the state of his room, which he revealed during his August 18 stream when he moved the camera down to his desk and the unseen parts of the area. In the stream, xQc could be seen showing off the number of food wrappers and drinks he has accumulated over time, which was met with a flood of shock from the comments section and disgust from many others.

This is not the first time xQc has come under fire for the state of his stream room. In July 2021 he responded to Pokimane’s room tour and did a joke tour of his own setup and location. However, through the tour viewers could easily see the bags of food on the floor and half-consumed drinks on his desk. There was shock from many watching, with a fair amount of complaints being made about the fact that he wasn’t living in his own house at the time.

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The next issue was in the same year but in December. He showed off the mess yet again after his partner, Adept, told him he needed to clean the room. After explaining that “it’s not even that bad”, he gave fans another sneak peek to reveal a room even more filthy than before.

This is the reason why many fans were disgusted but not surprised when he did it again. The mess seems to have grown to an unrealistic state, which makes you wonder if it’s all a joke or if he does actually stream in a room as messy as that.

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