Asmongold stuns fans after cleaning room for “the first time in years”

Emma Hill
Asmongold streaming on Twitch next to a picture of his room before cleaning up

Twitch streamer Asmongold decided to give his room a well-needed clean and fans couldn’t believe the difference when he shared the results on Twitter.

Being a streamer can sometimes mean spending long days in front of the camera with very little time to do anything else, including cleaning.

Twitch star Asmongold has found himself under fire in the past from his chat who have joked about the state of his room, seen hiding behind him during his livestreams.

So, he set to work to do something about it. After giving his room a bit of a sprucing, Asmongold shared his incredible results with his surprised fans.

Asmongold shares room transformation following deep clean

On July 27, Asmongold took to Twitter to share the before and after pictures of his setup following on from his deep clean. The streamer also claimed that it was the first time he’d made the change “in years.”

The ‘before’ picture showed a huge pile of items gathered up in the corner of his room. This included everything from clothes, to headphones, to empty drink boxes.

In comparison, his ‘after’ picture revealed that a coffee table was hidden underneath the mound of items. With the rubbish all gone, Asmongold now has a useable and relaxing lounge area complete with a few signature OTK crowns.

Asmongold’s fans praised him for the change and his hard work as the tweet picked up 48.4k likes as of writing.

His friend and Vtubing star Ironmouse also sent her support: “Space is looking good! Great work and I’m so happy for you! I know sh*t is hard sometimes. You got this!”

Asmongold may have had some difficult times after struggling with his sleeping pattern. However, many fans are seeing his setup transformation as well as his dedication to WoW Dragonflight as a sign that things are on the up for him again.