Asmongold explains how “mid-life crisis” caused streaming hiatus

asmongold mid life crisis video

After a half-month away from streaming, Asmongold has provided his fans with an update as to why a recent “mid-life crisis” caused the short hiatus.

Zack aka Asmongold is one of Twitch’s largest streamers with 3.3 million followers and a consistently high number of concurrent viewers. However, he’s also known to have a rather inconsistent streaming schedule.

He recently posted a Twitter update on July 25 where he opened up to his fans. He stated that his life had been spiraling out of control and he is taking steps to reign it back in.

While he hasn’t streamed on his main channel in a little over half a month, he has appeared on his secondary Twitch channel zackrawrr. Now, Asmon has posted a video to YouTube explaining the exact reasons for his absence.

Asmongold details “mid-life crisis”

He started by listing a myriad of reasons why he has taken an abrupt hiatus from streaming. His 15-year-old vehicle broke down and would cost $2.5K to fix, he walked miles to his sick father’s house in 110-degree weather, and breaks one of his teeth during an OTK meeting all within the span of a day.

“It was like a reality check,” Zack stated. “I realized my life was completely f**king out of control. My sink was stopped up and there was black water in half of it. There was garbage all over my room and I couldn’t do anything cause there was trash everywhere. My car I’ve driven for 15 years, right? For about 12 of those years, if I got pulled over I was getting a ticket or arrested.”

He also stated that there were “a million” other things that he needed to take care of like taxes and investments. “I had I guess what you would call a f**king mid-life crisis. I got so stressed out and so upset, I realized I need to take control of my life. It’s out of control for my standards, and that’s saying something.”

Zack then stated that the reason he hadn’t been live for a while was that he was working to get his life back on track. He detailed how cleaning his room took five hours and he’s scheduled for dental surgery next week.

While he claims he didn’t have intentions to take a break from streaming, he wasn’t in a place where he could. However, he does plan to return to his main channel following his dental surgery and recovery.