PewDiePie explains why he gave away his diamond YouTube play button to a fan

Dylan Horetski
pewdiepieYouTube: PewDiePie

Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg explained why he decided to give away his diamond YouTube play button to a fan, despite it being a trophy for his 100 million subscriber achievement. 

Pewds is one of the longest-running YouTubers on the internet, with reaction videos. Now, it seems the creator has settled down as he gets older alongside his wife, Marzia.

Shortly after PewDiePie stunned subscribers with his announcement that he was taking a break at the beginning of the year, he’s become the first creator on the platform to surpass 110m followers. Since his achievement, he’s created a diss-track for a children’s entertainment channel and has even claimed to take over part of Antarctica.

In an October 25 video upload, PewDiePie explained why he decided to give away his 100m subscriber YouTube play button to a fan as a wedding gift.

PewDiePie gives away his diamond play button

Some people might believe that Felix has a unique take on life, as he explained: “I don’t like putting value into objects, I like putting value into action. Everyone knows what we accomplished with this channel.”

The 32-year-old Swedish YouTuber doesn’t want to make it seem like he doesn’t appreciate the award from YouTube, though: “I loved receiving it, I don’t want to seem ungrateful for getting it but at the end of the day it just doesn’t seem important to keep it.”

He didn’t want to give it to just anyone, as he explained that he wanted to make sure it went to a fan of the channel that would appreciate it. “Obviously I can’t give it to all of my fans, so it made sense to send it to Lizard Lava.”

In LizardLava’s thank you video on his channel, he explained that he’s a huge fan of the Swedish creator, and even claims he joked with his wife about getting the one-of-a-kind award before it actually arrived.