You won’t believe what NICKMERCS wanted to call his G FUEL

. 8 months ago
nickmercs and his g fuel

Twitch star NICKMERCS is one of many top gaming influencers to have earned a spot on G FUEL’s flavor list and if he had his own way, the name of his drink would have been hilarious. 

Nicholas Kolcheff is one of the biggest first-person shooter streamers around today, with over 6 million followers on Twitch and north of four million subscribers. G FUEL, as many gamers will be aware already, is an energy drink associated with the streaming community, often collaboration with the top stars in the space for customized flavors.

The content creator is associated with different types of the popular energy drink, MFAM Punch, FaZeberry, and Sour Blue Chug Rug – available to buy in powder and cans online.

While the titles for those beverages might be very ‘on brand’ and fit the bill for NICKMERCS, some of his first ideas have surfaced and one, in particular, is too funny.

NICKMERCS had hilarious G FUEL name scrapped

On October 26, the streamer took a moment to just chat along with his fans, resulting in a short conversation about his G FUEL.

“God forbid I talk about my dick for more than five minutes, my manager texting me: ‘Shut up, we’re going to lose G FUEL…’ Chat, you know I tried to call my G FUEL Tropical Tripod?

“They came back with the most professional s**t. Like ‘yeah, we’re just not really comfortable with Tropical Tripod, but here are some things you might like.”

As many will be aware, Tropical Tripod is not exactly the most ‘safe for work’ name out there, to say the least.

After a few more jokes between Nick, the artist involved in the collab, and the G FUEL team, they insisted that they need to change the “contour” of some of his designs.

Just another day on stream for NICKMERCS and his fans, who were laughing along during the conversation, but just goes to show that not everybody successful in the industry takes themselves too seriously.

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