PewDiePie debuts new Virtual YouTuber avatar after taking inspiration from Dream & Corpse

Virginia Glaze

Last week, YouTube king Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg announced that he’d be going without a facecam for the foreseeable future — and it seems he’s made good on his promise in a hilarious way.

PewDiePie is YouTube’s biggest independent content creator, boasting the most subscribers out of any other channel on the entire platform (thanks to his infamous battle against T-Series).

However, PewDiePie — much like other gaming YouTubers from his era of fame — has always shown his face to fans, sporting a variety of facial hair styles throughout the years.

Lately, though, several personalities have skyrocketed to fame partially because they don’t show their faces, namely Corpse Husband and Dream, among others.

In effort to “keep up with the times,” as it were, PewDiePie has followed this trend, announcing that he would be turning off his face cam for future uploads after returning from a New Year’s break.

While PewDiePie rocked a Minecraft-themed avatar for a video on January 24 — his first “official” video since making his comeback a day prior — on January 25, the Swede debuted an anime-style avatar in true VTuber fashion.

The avatar itself could have come right out of a dating simulator; boasting a school uniform jacket, the classic anime-protag hairstyle and a blase expression, PewDiePie’s new look is almost too perfect for the VTuber aesthetic… but that isn’t the only anime-style avatar he’s been rocking lately.

PewDiePie shows off his new anime avatar.
PewDiePie’s new anime-style avatar could have walked right out of a dating simulator game.

During a Minecraft stream on the same day, PewDiePie used yet another anime face-rig getup, this time looking a tad more “Magical School” than before. For this video, his avatar sported white hair and a sweater-vest, as though its designer were aiming for a knock-off Draco Malfoy.

PewDiePie's second anime avatar.
PewDiePie hasn’t seemed to settle on a permanent avatar just yet, as he’s used a total of three different FaceRigs since his comeback.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t look like the YouTuber has settled on a permanent avatar thus far, and even asked fans to make him a “better” FaceRig avatar for the future.

There’s still no telling if Kjellberg will actually make the switch to VTuber a permanent decision — but for now, it’s definitely a treat waiting to see what avatar he’ll use, next.

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