Dream deletes face reveal and puts mask back on due to “hate”

dream-puts-on-mask-deletes-face-reveal-hateYouTube: Dream

Minecraft star Dream has deleted his face reveal video and is going back to being a faceless content creator due to the “hate” he received after taking off his mask.

Dream has been one of Minecraft’s most prominent creators for years — even more so after he took off his famous mask in 2022.

Up until then, Dream refused to show his face online and relied on fan-made avatars and a mask to represent himself. However, in October 2022, the YouTube star decided to do a face reveal and took off the mask in a video that took social media by storm.

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But just as there were a horde of die-hard fans and fellow creators who celebrated Dream’s long-awaited reveal, there were just as many trolls and critics who made it their mission to make fun of Dream’s appearance.

Dream Halloween costume header imageTwitter: Dream
Once a faceless YouTuber, Dream showed off his mug to the internet in 2022, sparking a swath of different reactions from fans and critics.

In an exclusive interview with Dexerto, Dream claimed that he looked forward to his face reveal and loves being a public figure… but now, he’s walking it all back.

Dream deletes all photos of himself after face reveal backlash

On June 9, Dream uploaded a YouTube video titled ‘bye, from Dream,’ where he said he’d be deleting his famous face reveal and will be going back to wearing a mask.

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“I deleted my face reveal, and this is why,” he explained in the video’s caption. “After face revealing and removing my mask, I regretted the attention and hate, and am walking it back.”

That’s not all; he’ll also be deleting all photos of his face from social media so that he can go back to his pre-face reveal identity.

“I will slowly be deleting all pictures of me online, and going back to just being a gamer in a mask. Starting with my Mr Beast Video, and my Face Reveal video, ‘Hi, I’m Dream.’ I will be walking it back. I will be getting rid of everything other than my new mask.”

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“The same company that made the Spider-Man mask, Batman mask, and many other superheroes, made me a mask so that I can be Dream all of the time. Hide my identity, even in public, at McDonalds, or any place I need to go.”

“Thank you all from the bottom of my heart to those that supported me, even though I am ugly. I appreciate you all more than you could ever know, and I will be working on my face while I’m masked again.”

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Right now, it’s not certain if he’s totally serious about it, or if this change will last… especially as Dream is set to headline VidCon Anaheim later this month.

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