Paris Hilton doesn’t know what a dishwasher is in new Netflix show with Kim Kardashian

. 11 months ago
Cooking with Paris
Instagram: Paris Hilton

A clip featuring Los Angeles socialite Paris Hilton cooking with Kim Kardashian has got people talking for the wrong reasons. In the video from the Netflix show ‘Cooking with Paris’, it appears Hilton doesn’t know what a dishwasher is.

Despite negative reviews with just 17% on Rotten Tomatoes, Hilton’s new show appears to have been a hit on Netflix as clips of the show have gone viral on social media.

One clip shows Hilton and Kardashian cooking together in the kitchen with both wearing glamourous outfits and rubber gloves.

Cooking with Paris
YouTube: Cooking with Paris, Netflix
A clip from ‘Cooking with Paris’ where Kardashian and Hilton discusses how to make their frittata.

While it’s Hilton’s kitchen, Kardashian is the one who seems to know her way around. At one point when it comes to putting eggs into the pan, Kardashian says she doesn’t “know if I can trust you.”

Hilton definitely acknowledges her lack of cooking skills asking Kim whether North, Kim’s daughter, is a better cook than Hilton is.

However, it’s when it comes to the cleaning that Paris doesn’t seem to know what a dishwasher is. When asked about whether the dishwasher is “clean”, Hilton replies that she doesn’t know.

As they load the dishwasher, Hilton says she’s “learning a lot today”. In the clip, she forgets what the dishwasher’s called directing Kardashian towards the bin “next to the whatever it’s called.”

Where can I watch Cooking with Paris?

‘Cooking with Paris’, a Netflix original, is available to watch for anyone who has a Netflix subscription.

The show has received largely negative reactions and has been described as taking “all the joy out of cooking” by the Washington Post and will “make you sick” according to the Telegraph. One of her recipes was described as an “eggy disappointment.”

The show comes off the back of a video Hilton put out in January 2020 showing her cooking lasagne in her kitchen. The premise of the show follows Paris as she explores new recipes, finds new ways to cook and hang out with celebrity friends.

The first season has featured the likes of Kim Kardashian West, Saweetie, and Demi Lovato showing Hilton has no shortage of celebrity friends to count on in the kitchen.

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